Our Story

The mission of Halo Hoops is to encourage and improve yoHalo Picuth through sports. We’re passionate about giving kids a positive experience where they grow as a player and as a person, and have a fun time! We do that by providing high quality instruction, surrounding them with positive role models and encouraging them to play on a team with their friends.

Halo Hoops was started in 2000 by Dave & Leslie Davies.  Dave and Leslie launched the activity as Halo Hoops Ministries, Inc.  The first camp was launched in Lawrenceville, GA. A year later, the camp expanded to Wilmington, NC and over the next few years, the Halo summer camp circuit included Tennessee, Oregon, Washington and Illinois. In 2004, the Davies family moved from a small town in Oregon to the beach community of Wilmington with plans to headquarter the organization and build a strong and consistent presence in the Wilmington area.  Once here in Wilmington, the activity of Halo Hoops became a ministry of Impact Church and that partnership continued until early 2015.  In 2015 Halo Sports, Inc. was started and continued the Halo Hoops activity, camps, clinics and leagues for kids 5-18.  Currently, the Halo Hoops Winter League is the most popular program in the Wilmington community with over 1900 players and 215 teams.

As a sports ministry, we partner with like-minded people, churches and community organizations who help provide gym space, staff and service support for the many programs held throughout the year.