Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a church league?

    No, this is a community league.  We welcome young people from anywhere in the community and we encourage them to play with their friends - from school, scout troops, neighborhoods, churches, etc . . . Any organization, including a church, is welcome to sponsor a team.

  • Where do you get your coaches and are they paid?

    Our coaches are volunteers.  Most of our coaches are parents of kids who play in the league and some are people who simply love to encourage and improve kids! They receive no financial payment but enjoy the many rewards of working with young people and their families.  In addition, coaches must have a basic knowledge of the game and receive Halo training prior to the season.

  • What makes the Halo League different from other leagues?

    1. We make the game age-appropriate!  Young players need to have time to grow into the adult game.  We’ve modified the rules and equipment to fit young players as they grow and learn the fundamental skills.  As players experience success - they score a lot in the Halo League! - they’re encouraged to continue playing correctly. The additional practice sessions, group workouts and clinics give players the opportunity to receive quality coaching and guidance. 2.  We provide an atmosphere that encourages people to live for God.  We value relationships, especially the coach-player relationship, and use them to help young people take on the challenges that come with playing basketball.  We believe this translates directly to real life situations.

  • How are the teams built?

    We let teams build on their own through coach and friend requests during the registration process. If no requests are made, players are placed on new teams based on attending schools. We use narrow age divisions and often separate teams within a division into flights to enhance the competitive experience.

  • Can I request my player to play with a friend or specific coach?

    Absolutely! We do our best to accommodate every request but can't guarantee each request can be met. If a player's request can't be met, we will place the player on a team based on school attending.

  • What if I request a coach or teammates for my child and the team is already full?

    Coach requests are filled first then friend requests. If the player’s request(s) cannot be met, he/she will be placed on a team based on school attending.

  • Can I request a specific practice time or location?

    No. Practice times and location are selected by the coach.  If your child gets placed on a team and the practice schedule doesn’t work for you, you can let the coach know to see if any changes can be made.  If the coach is unable to change the time, day or location then you can e-mail the Director and we’ll work to move your child to another team.

  • What if my child can't make the designated practice times?

    If your child will regularly miss practice times due to another obligation, notify the coach immediately.  The coach and league director will try to find another team for your child to join.

  • Where do I find my team's game schedule?

    When you registered, you should have had to create a account. Log into with our username and password. Then click on your team. This should take you to your team page where you can see your game schedule and roster. You can also search for your player or team from the homepage. Just type the player or team in the search box.

  • Why is my team scheduled to play 1 less game than what we were guaranteed?

    Occasionally there is an odd number of teams in the division, so the regular season may have 1 less game than the guaranteed amount.  

  • My kid is naturally talented. Will playing in this league help them?

    Yes!  All young players need to practice the fundamental skills, no matter how naturally talented they are.  In some cases, it's helpful to have a player play up an age division. If your child is an advanced player, they can try out for the Halo Excel Travel Team that plays in the spring.

  • Do you offer any scholarships?

    Yes, parents must apply for financial assistance by filling out a Pathways form. Pathways forms can be picked up at the NIR YMCA on Market St. If you qualify for assistance, a discount will be provided during the registration process.